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We meet at the Lubec Memorial Library

Lubec Public Library - Click for Directions

Historical Links of Interest

Lubec History – Patricia McCurdy's Lubec history site. Lubec has always had close ties to Trescott and shares much of its history and family genealogy.
Trescott 1910 Census – Provided by Patricia McCurdy's Lubec history site.
West Quoddy Lighthouse – Museum and visitor center in Lubec, adjacent to Trescott, at the eastern tip of the continental US.
Campobello Island – The Canadian island of Campobello, directly accessible by bridge from Lubec, has long maintained close ties with the people of Trescott, Lubec and other nearby towns in Washington County. The island shares an especially common genealogy with this area.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Cyndi's provides a comprehensive listing of genealogical websites around the web, conveniently organized by categories.
Grand Manan History – The Canadian island of Grand Manan is less than 10 miles east of the Trescott coast across the “Grand Manan Channel” out in the Atlantic ocean. It is easily seen from the south Trescott shore, it's large cliffs lighting up as a bright orange in the sunset.
Beals Historical Society – Covers the Moosabec region, south of Machias.
New Brunswick – This Canadian providence contains both Campobello and Grand Manan Islands, as well as Canadian mainland areas near Trescott. This part of Canada, especially Charlotte County, shares a common genealogy with Trescott and Washington County.
County Historic Sites – Robert Godfrey's Quoddy Loop Tour Guide inventory of historical sites in Washington County. (Although no Trescott sites are currently listed several sites are included for the adjacent towns of Lubec, Pembroke, Edmunds, Whiting and Cutler).
Quoddy Area Museums – Quoddyloop.com's inventory of historical museums in the eastern Washington County/New Brunswick area.
Washington County – Maine GenWeb history project.
1895 US Atlas Map of Washington County – From the Livingston County, Michigan, History & Genealogy Project.
Washington County History and Genealogy – Books and other resources at the Bangor Public Library.
earlyMaine.org – Strives to be the major portal for researching all aspects of Maine History or Genealogy.
Maine History – Extensive collection of links maintained at the state website maine.gov.
Maine Historical Society – All aspects of Maine history. Museum and other resources with facilities in Portland; founded in 1822.
Maine Memory Network — a project of the Maine Historical Society, provides access to thousands of historical items belonging to over 200 organizations from across Maine.
Maine Genealogy – Yahoo group with messages, chat, gedcom files, photos, links, Maine surname locator, Maine cemetery and obituary swap databases, files documenting New England schooner ships, ship captains and Brunswick soldiers in the Indian Wars.
Washington County Vital Records – Resource for ordering birth, death and marriage records on the internet.
Washington County Demographics – Contemporary census data.
Passamaquoddy History – Quoddy Loop Tour Guide web page summary of the history of the Passamaquoddy Indians, who once inhabited or roamed eastern Maine and southern New Brunswick and who now maintain a reservation near Eastport and Perry.
On Our Website
The Trescott Historical Society is a private membership organization and is open to the public. We are dedicated to the study and publication of the history of the Township of Trescott, Maine. The now-unincorporated town of Trescott is nestled between the towns of Whiting & Cutler to the west, and Lubec to the east. To the north are the shores of Whiting Bay and Straight Bay, and to the south is Grand Manan Channel in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy.

Formerly known as Plantation No. 9, it was incorporated in 1827, named after Major Lemuel Trescott (1751-1826), a patriot from the American Revolution, who had moved to the area in 1784, and had become a prominent citizen. During those early days, the town of Trescott was busy with lumbering, farming and fishing.

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